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B'lashes - Lashes & Nails

B'lashes - Lashes & Nails is Eyelash extensions & nail care administered to beautify your appearance as a woman. By using high-quality products by the sophisticated Beauty Industry of Japan, making it one of the leading Beauty Salon in Bali since 2015, Aiming to provide the best service and customer satisfaction. We are Always making it our main priority to provide comfort and friendly service.

Long, Full & Natural Curved Eyelashes
~ Every Women Dream ~

Eyelash extensions : beauty hit - are an amazing new semi-permanent way of stunning and lengthening eyelashes. natural looking permanent eyelashes each artifical eyelash is applied individually to a real eyelash using a special technique and waterproof adhesive. can survive about 1,5 months depending on the natural hair's lifetime.

The result are stunning : beautiful, long and full lashes that stay put all day and all night. no mascara and you can shower, apply other make-up, go swimming anything!

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Amazing job and I couldn't be more happy with my lashes. Thank you B'lashes! if you are in Bali, please come and spoil yourself there, they are the best.

Mariana Marques

Great and friendly staff, I always love my eyelash extension and my nails, they do a great job!

Dayu Kade S

Always did a good job for eyelash and all staff are so friendly.

Peppy Sielvya